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The Priory Care Home is a large, early Victorian country house built in 1840, set on a level site on the side of a hill within the village of Llandogo and has an interesting history.

The Home is surrounded by three acres of gardens and because of the elevated position the home enjoys magnificent views over the Wye Valley and River.

Our bedrooms are ensuite and finished to a high standard with flat screen televisions. They are also dementia friendly and designed with assistance of Bradford University. We encourage service users to personalise their rooms and have friendly maintenance staff to assist.

We are registered with CSSIW and Monmouthshire Social Services and able to offer the following services,




Short term care and respite

Domiciliary care and home assistance

Prior to admission, each service user is encouraged to visit The Priory and satisfy them that it is suited to their needs. We have open and flexible visiting times and even able to supply meals and refreshment to guests of service users on request.

Priory Life

The atmosphere of the home is very relaxed, with as few restrictions as practical. Residents are encouraged to integrate with each other as well as the staff members and, wherever possible, to participate in the varied activities available. However although we advocate a certain degree of independence among our residents we also ensure that the individuals concerns and wishes are respected at all times.

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The Priory is primarily a ‘Home’. We aim to promote a happy, friendly atmosphere for the benefit of all our residents. All our staff will:

  • Respect your privacy and dignity.
  • Respect your wishes and right to make decisions for yourself.
  • Promote your independence by encouraging you to retain as much mobility and capacity for independence as possible, and by offering you choices wherever possible.

We are committed to the principle that everyone at The Priory should be accorded equal rights and opportunities, regardless of age, gender, disability or any other factor.

On arrival to the Priory a Care Plan is compiled for each resident. This will itemise each resident’s individual medical and social needs, indicating what nursing procedures and/or medications (if any) are required, and will also include objectives for health improvement.

Both the resident and their next of kin may offer input to the Care Plan if they wish. Twice-daily reports, with weekly summaries, are written for each resident and are evaluated when updating the overall Care Plan.

Each resident is assigned a key worker and a named nurse. The key worker will take a particular interest in you as an individual, your special interests and any problems you may encounter, such as marking clothing, arranging for dry cleaning etc..

Your Named Nurse will have responsibility to ensure that your Care Plan is followed through.

There are no restrictions on visiting and visitors are always welcome. With the exception of particular areas, the home operates a non-smoking policy


20th Oct 2014

Hello Scott:

I visited my mother (N) last Friday and want you to be aware of the huge improvement in the Laundry Service now that Wendy is responsible. I always check N's room and was so pleased to see everything neat & tidy in her clothes drawers. The room is always spotlessly clean, Wendy is obviously proud of what she does, and I would like to commend her for her care.



11th June 2014

Dear Charlotte:

Following (I's) funeral on the 30th May 2014, Mxxxxx and I, together with members of the family, went away for a few days. We are now back at Hillbank, the American family have returned to the US and life is returning to normal.

During the 2 years that my mum was with you, she often said how lucky she was to be in The Priory. There were also occasions of course when, frustrated at her loss of independence through increasing disability, she became somewhat fractious and difficult, but generally her good humour shone through.

I have come to know many of you at The Priory during the time my mum was there and have always been deeply impressed at the kindness, respect and care shown by all staff to all your guests. I would like you to know how grateful I am to you all for looking after my mum so well. I too consider that she was fortunate to be in your care. My heartfelt thanks to you all.

I shall miss my frequent visits to Llandogo.

With very best regards

Dr K Jxxx

15th April 2014

Dear Scott, Charlotte, Marlene and all the staff at The Priory.

Just a note to say thank you for the wonderful care you gave to (T) whilst he was living at The Priory. Your kindness to him and also to me and the rest of the family was outstanding. We are all very grateful for the exemplary care you gave to him at a difficult period of his life.

On a personal note I was very thankful for the support given to me by the night staff on the day he died and also to Marlene & Charlotte in the days following his death.

Once again thank you very much

With kind Regards

T Rxxxxxx

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If you wish to visit The Priory then please telephone to make an appointment. We will then happily show you around the home and advise you on the care and services we are able to offer.


The Priory Care Home
Nr. Monmouth
NP25 4TP


01594 530581




If you have any questions regarding The Priory, you can contact us by calling or e-mailing us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

The Priory Care Home Jobs

Clinical Lead Nurse - Monnouth
Social Work
£40,000 - £50,000 a year
Exciting opportunity for an experienced Lead Nurse to join the Management Team here at The Priory with a focus on providing/promoting quality care while leading the team.
Registered Nurse - Llandogo
Dementia Care, Elderly and Nursing Care, Palliative Care, Social Work
£18.00 per hour
We are seeking dedicated and reliable nurses to join our team at the Priory.
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