A New Lease of Life through Proactive Caring


If you don’t exercise then your muscles become weaker through lack of use, that’s a given. If you do enjoy a daily exercise regimen then your muscles become toned and stronger...

With this in mind, think of the brain as another muscle. If you don’t use it you will lose it. Like a manual watch, you need to keep winding it to keep the spring tight and keep it ticking. In the same way, if you exercise your brain regularly then it will tick along nicely but, if you don’t, it will slowly wind down until it stops. 

Elderly patients in care homes should receive regular stimulation to keep their brains active and fend off, or at least delay, the onset of dementia. Studies recently carried out in care homes in Surrey have shown that by introducing music, dance and drama to the daily activities of residents, their minds have been stimulated and dormant yet functional areas of their brains have become more active again. By passing around a box of props containing various items, memories have been stirred and conversations between the residences have been triggered.

Proactive caring like this can help delay the onset of frightening conditions such as dementia and should be a part of daily lives in care homes all over the UK. A champion of this cause is Care Home Nurse, one of the leading recruiters for specialist care home staff in the UK.