Why Is Dementia More Prevalent in Coastal Areas?


Dementia affects around 850,000 people across the UK according to official figures, with that number expected to rise to 1,000,000 by 2025. 

Around one in every three people has a family member or friend with dementia. It is a devastating condition that affects families all over the UK but a recently released map of dementia sufferers divided by constituency shows that the highest numbers seem to be concentrated in hotspots around the Eastern and Southern coastal areas. Why should this be? Some sort of pollutant in the air or the water?

The most likely reason for the concentration of dementia sufferers in the UK coastal areas is the concentration of older residents in these areas. After retirement a great many people head for the seaside to live out their golden years. At the same time many younger residents of coastal towns will move inland looking for work. Naturally, the average age of the areas in question will rise in these circumstances.

At the moment there is no cure or preventative measure, but an army of carers in homes across Britain are there to take care of them when needed. Supplying the front line troops in this war against dementia is Care Home Nurse, one of the leading recruiters for specialist care home staff in the UK.